Saturday, May 19, 2012

House Of Balloons


Brogan shows you how to do the housework like a good 70s housewife....

Photography Dominic Clarke
Styling Lou Litchfield
Model Brogan @ M&P 

*Recline in a little washed out floral*
Don't be afraid to mix those prints girl.
No-one notices the girl in the white t-shirt and apron.

Jacket / Beyond Retro
Bodysuit / Topshop

When your dusting the ceilings, take this 
opportunity to dance on the sofa in your hotpants.
All the world's your stage.

Blouse / Beyond Retro
Hotpants / Topshop
Belt / Rokit

Hula Hula to the sounds of  laundry day.

Bra / Playful Promises
Tutu/ Beyond Retro

Mix it up with a bit of black on white underwear for when he gets home.
It gives a badgirl edge to that virginal look.
Your not fooling anyone.

Bustier / Beyond Retro
Suspender Belt / Playful Promises
Knickers / Playful Promises
Garter / Agent Provocateur

Dont be shy.

Body suit / Agent Provocateur

There is nothing like losing yourself in a 
casually knotted shirt after a hard days work.

Necklace chain / Spitalfield Market
Shirt / Beyond Retro
Skirt / Beyond Retro

And for a first glimpse at a bit of Dirty Couture....

A top from my new vintage store.
I will finally be able to share to you a treasure chest full of sequin vintage treasures.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Poet

Photography by Dominic Clarke
Styling by Louise Litchfield
Make up by Bianca Harkopff

All shots from the 'Ballad Of Nanny Floff' Issue of Ballad Of Magazine.
Available to buy here :


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Feet

Shoes - A Love Story

They say that true love is like a fog that clouds everything. This is how I often feel about shoes.
If a particular pair has caught my eye, it will be all I can think about until I have them. Shoes can transform you into a different person, make you feel comfortable, make you feel confident, finish you off.
Especially when you are 5 foot zero like my Tinkerbell stature (real height not disclosed - I prefer to never be measured and live in denial.)
Having just been bought the book 'High Heels, Femininity and Seduction', I have spent the afternoon reading about many theories linking shoes with sex, feminism, S&M and power references. But really I just like to think of them all as my repertoire of shiny, shoe shaped lovers.
As I believe a girl needs different boys for different things, the same can be said for your shoe-boyfriends.

The 'Overly affectionate'  Boyfriend
Kurt Geiger, 'Gen' platforms
Resembles a strawberry milkshake. Sickly sweet and overtly affectionate, this shoe is decievingly comfortable. In fact you can stand up all day in them. However, after wearing for a while you find that what you once found comfortable, can now be monotonous, and the comfort turns to pain.
Also prone to public displays of affection and hand holding.

The 'Gay Best Friend ' Boyfriend
Carvela 'Grass' Wedges
Alright, so we all know he is firing for the other squad. But who cares, because he is gorgeous, fun, into glitter and does not apologise for it. Check out the platform - no straight shoe would ever lift you up that high. You can practically smell the Kylie on them. Will never break your heart.

The 'That is not what god intended it for' Boyfriend
Carvela 'Adieu' Mary Janes
In his eyes, you are a lady.  Which means you have to look sexy, but never admit to doing it. A nice, nude mary jane court shoe like you would never, ever do something as filthy as - hold on, why are you transforming my legs so well.....

The 'Alpha Male' Boyfriend
KG by Kurt Geiger 'Vanessa' Boots
He is tall, strapping and un-apologetically athletic. Your calves will get a work out, in fact your whole body will get a work out. While it gives the appearance of being a sturdy shoe, it will actually make you work harder.
But it will fix things round the house and look good playing rugby.

The 'Laid Back Beach Bum' Boyfriend
Minnetonka Moccasins
He does nothing for you except reminds you of california road trips and hanging out at the beach. Exeptionally comfortable in everyway, he is made purely for summer, and for lounging around the house.

The 'Bad Boy' Boyfriend
Carvela 'Action' Courts
You know he is bad for you. Your friends know he is bad for you. They tell you not to put him on because they KNOW that by the end of the night you will be crying or complaining or having a huge argument. They will most certainly cause you horrific pain. But you don't care - because they are just too damn hot.

The 'All about the Sex' Boyfriend
KG by Kurt Geiger 'Ellison' shoe boots
You feel slightly foolish even calling them your boyfriend. Who are you kidding - its just a fling. You can barely keep them on, its just for show. Frivolous, totally hot and almost stripper-esque - the perfect bit on the side.

The 'Stud' Boyfriend
Topshop studded slippers
If an actor would play this shoe in a biopic about its life, it would be Justin Theroux, with a bit of Marlon Brando. It would wear a leather jacket, ride a motorbike and most definatley smoke. It would also probably have impressive stubble. Hardcore, looks after you, and could beat all the other shoes up to defend you.

The 'Old Faithful' Boyfriend
Vintage American Flag Converse All-Stars
Totally scruffy and worn round the edges vintage all stars. Probably one that you go back to after a bad break up with a Bad Boy (see above). But always remains classic, unfailingly reliable and gets better with age. We shall call it the Clooney effect.

The 'Poser' Boyfriend
KG by Kurt Geiger 'Egor' Platforms
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
This shoe will always be the centre of attention, but it pretends that it hates that. That would be far to mainstream for it's alternative heel shape and snakeskin effect. It would hang out at fashion parties and art galleries, and perhaps wear double denim in an ironic way. But it can transform an outfit into something instantly fashion forward and exciting, even a faded t shirt and jeans.

 The 'Wildcard.'
Office fringed wedges
So its not really even your type. It is inappropriate and totally impractical. You found it by chance.
But it has extreme banter, and for some reason, you seem to spark with it like no other. You have fun when you wear it and other people compliment you on it. This is not the shoe that you thought it was going to be, and my personal favourite.

Which is why you never underestimate a Wildcard ......

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We found love in a hopeless place

So cute I want to draw all over you.

Hardcore hangover has led me to watching Ten Things I Hate About You ..... the film that always makes me feel like things are right with the world, until I remember that Heath Ledger died, as he is now immortalised in this film for me.
Heath & Julia Stiles are probably my favourite movie couple ever. I think its the curly hair, the dodge accent, the bit where he sings to her, the paintball, the soundtrack - it's all just too good.

Some other contenders for the ultimate fake couple would probably be as follows (and I recommend viewing for couple perving if you havn't already):

- Tom Cruise & Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire ("You had me at HELLO"

- Gosling & Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. (I actually fancy both of them)

- Leo & Kate in Titanic (standard, but I like to turn it off before the ship sinks)

- Leo (again) & Claire Danes in Romeo & Juliet (hot costumes and shakespeare)

- Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands (again, hot costumes, no shakespeare)

- Gosling & Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine (heartbreaking)

- Scoot McNairy & Whitney Able in Monsters (you just want them to hook up the whole time, & theyr together in real life)

- Jim Sturgess & Anne Hathaway in One Day (This is really more for the book, but they were great in it too)

- Ashton Kutcher & Britney Murphy in Just Married (They were amazing, but another person who had to go and die and ruin my happy films)

Contributions welcome, but I probably will disagree.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Life's like an hourglass glued to the table .

Photography by Dominic Clarke
Styling by Lou Litchfield
Make up by Bianca Hartkopff
Model Keats

feather cape, Kate Moss for Topshop

                                                                     underwear , Agent Provocateur

                                                                          snake cuff, vintage  
                                                     lace shirt, beyond retro
                                                     hotpants, topshop

                                                                          swimsuit, agent provocatuer

                                                                              dress, dolce and gabbana

                                                                           necklace (worn on head ) , kara ross
                                                      dress, dolce and gabbana

                                                                                   poncho, topshop

                                  waistcoat , vintage

The top image is probably one of my favourite things I have ever created. Including my unicorn halloween costume. What an accolade. 

Stronger Spirits

And I'm drinking stronger spirits ;
Made my home here on the floor